Our winery

Adriano: “When my father Giuseppe (Bepi) began making wine, everything was different. I’ve lived this change first-hand, during my 40 harvests at Il Pignetto. It’s really rewarding for me to transmit my passion and my values to my daughters. I know that Silvia, the third one, will bring a breath of fresh air in our farm. As I’ve lived this generational shift with my father, I know what it means for her and I want to follow her in this adventure.
I was born in Bussolengo, where I grew up. I’ve always worked in the family-run farm, by attending courses and bringing little improvements year by year. I’ve always been in charge of everything, but my dream is to spend all my time caring the vineyards.
Silvia: “I’ve always lived in the countryside, since I was a child I helped my father with simple works in the fields, almost for fun. My favourite drink was “rosé Fanta”, namely fermenting Chiaretto, still sweet and fizzy. Growing up, I’ve understood that I couldn’t live without the harvest perfumes and the vineyards tranquillity, so I decided to follow in the footsteps of my father and grandfather. I don’t want to revolutionize everything: I deeply believe in the power of experience in the art of winemaking.
Now that I graduated from the university of Agriculture and Oenology, I’d like to focus on the direct relationship with customers, which is always source of growth and reward. I love working in the winery, but I still need to gain a lot of experience.”
Our wine is a 0 km product. In fact, the distance between the winery and the fields around is literally not even one kilometre. We’re proud to be part of FIVI (Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti), the association of Italian winegrowers. We take care of our wine from the beginning: we cultivate the vines, vinify our grapes, bottle and sell wine in the farm. The grapes, our raw material, are the most important thing for us: we personally take care of the vines and we monitor their vegetative stages during the year. We harvest all by hand, in order to select the best bunches of grapes to make our wines. We enhance the grapes in the winery with a low-impact vinification style. This is why our wine slightly changes from year to year. It has to be told every year, Nature never repeats itself.


Our history

Our history began in 1930, when Benvenuto Morando came here with his family, attracted by the beautiful place and its climate. After years of sacrifice and effort, in the Sixties his son Giuseppe (nicknamed “Bepi”) bought the fields, before under a sharecropping contract, to start growing vines. In the next years, Adriano started running the farm: he created the name “Il Pignetto”, due to the pine tree (“pigno”) that has given the name to the locality where the farm is situated. The first bottling of Custoza and Bardolino arrived in 1993. Wine by wine, now we have already 13 products (with 14th coming!). In 2010 we inaugurate the new solar-powered winery, where we moved our desire to experiment together with tanks and instruments. 

“Il futuro non può che essere rosa.”


Vineyards and olive grove

We own 7 hectares of vineyards: about a half with Trentino Pergola training system, the other half with Guyot method. Pergola is a traditional element of our territory, typical of our oldest vineyards. We chose the Guyot system for the new vineyards to maintain low production rates and improve bunches solar exposure.
We manage the vineyards with Integrated Pest Management (IPM). We avoid pesticides, preferring the sexual confusion method to defeat grape moths: hormones confuse insects and prevent them from reproducing. We chose mechanical weeding, without using chemicals.
Our olive trees are spread in the property, in about 1 hectare. They’re mostly centuries-old trees, whereas the youngest are about 25 years old.


Our wines