Our values

In our story we have looked for the best quality of our products, always keeping in mind some fundamental values:

  • respect for the environment, because we strongly believe that it is important to preserve the land from soil depletion and pollution. We try to enrich our lands with organic compost and we avoid using chemicals in weeding which is carried out only by mechanical processing along the vine rows.
    We don’t use pesticides, because we prefer the method of the sexual confusion (that with hormones provide the insects from reproduction). We started working with solar panels, which guarantees clean energy for our activities.
    We start the used corks’ gather, supporting “Etico”, a project of Amorim (a company that produces corks). With a simple action you can help us to support the project, bringing here your “refuse”.
  • the tradition, in the choice to cultivate the typical vineyards of the area e to carry on the winery birth three generation ago, with grandpa Benvenuto. Our passion for agriculture is still our power, keeping in mind that the quality of the grapes is the key for success.